Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Programme “Biotechnology” in English

Title and Duration of the Study Programme:
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Programme in English: Biotechnology
  • Two (2) academic years (4 semesters)
Holder of the Study Programme:
  • Industrial Biotechnology (semester III and IV)
  • Medical Biotechnology (semester III and IV)
Partner Institution:
Level of the Study Programme:
  • Graduate
Academic/professional title after the completion of study programme:
  • Master of biotechnology
Minimum and Maximum Enrollment number:
  • 20 students minimum and 40 students maximum
Scientific field of the study programme:
  • Interdisciplinary Areas of Science, field 807 Biotechnology in Biomedicine (natural area, biomedicine and healthcare, biotechnical area)
Tuition Fee per academic year:

The Importance of the Study Programme:

Research and innovation in the area of biotechnology are a driver for the development of new technologies in sustainable agricultural production and food production, medicine, the development of “green” industrial processes, and ecologically safer and more energy efficient sources of energy. Burning problems of the 21st century include reduction of resources, environmental pollution, and the fight against diseases, which are all areas where biotechnology can offer a solution.


The distinguishing feature of this study programme is its interdisciplinary nature, this study programme enables interested students who acquired appropriate previous knowledge as part of undergraduate study programmes in various areas to enroll to the interdisciplinary study programme in biotechnology after completing their undergraduate studies.

Project was supported by the European Union through the European Social Fund.